Tools to Make Infographics

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Key Stage 2 Life CyclesInformation graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.

The following links provide tools to make infographics  which allow users to present data in a new and interesting way. This new way of presenting data, could be used by pupils or teachers! has a set of templates to help; there are already over 800,000 users who have created over 1000,000 infographics between them on the site. There is a simple video showing how to get started.

“Data literacy, like reading and writing,  is a key skill in an increasingly data-driven world. Teach your students how to tell data-driven stories and help them understand data better.” ( recognises the power of data visualisation in education and has a free Edu account. Teachers can created classroom accounts for their students so that everyone can make and access infographics. This company also runs  workshops to help people learn to visualise data, though that is a a paid-for service. The site also hosts a whole set of helpful videos.



Creately also has a free account which can be used by teachers for up to 5 diagrams.  This is a diagramming tool, but also a tool that works for teams needing to work collaboratively – several people can work on it at the same time.  Creately will let you create and style smart shapes, diagrams, connectors, and more to demonstrate your data.

This one could also be used for flow charts and other diagrams! It can be used collaboratively.