Tocomail – safe e-mail for kids

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Schools may be interested in informing parents about Tocomail – safe e-mail for kids.

Tocomail makes emailing fun with many great features such as a drawing board, custom avatar creation, picture timeline and a colorful design that all children will love.  So even if a child can’t type, they can easily draw a picture and include it in an email.

Safety features for Parents
The free version delivers a basic set of parental controls conducted through a safe list of contacts allowed to communicate with their children. A premium version is available for $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year through In-App Purchase (NB it is very new and I can’t find any UK pricing yet). The premium version provides advanced parental controls which includes a quarantine box, profanity filter and enhanced contact list. With premium services, the child can communicate with any contact outside the safe list after the parent has viewed and approved the email. Parents can also choose to receive a copy of the quarantined email sent to their regular email account and can approve or reject emails directly from these notifications. In addition, a bullying recognizer that will detect and immediately notify parents if bullying patterns are found will be added soon.



Features for Children

  • All children get their own free email accounts and addresses for safe email communication with friends and family
  • Inside intuitive email app – kids will have fun with an amazing drawing board with postcards, stamps, pen, brushes and other instruments to draw attachments
  • PUSH notification will be sent to iPhone/iPad when email is received
  • A fun avatar customization option in their contact list where they can draw or edit avatars
  • There are simplified email accounts for younger chldren and standard email accounts for older children.


Tocomail is available for free at or from the App Store on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.