Tinkatolli review

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Make a TinkaTinkatolli is a 3D island world designed especially to enhance the creativity of children. To play on the island children have to make an avatar after reading and accepting the safety rules. Once their account is activated, children can take their Tinka on quests, play educational games and interact with other Tinkas using the site.

During the  games Tinkas collect junk which can then be used to create models which are photographed and put into a scrap book. Children are encouraged to make models offline as well.

As well as junk, children collect trinkets or seeds with which they can purchase items from the shops. They also get points for playing games which help them get up through the levels. Some of the games are maths and test strategy.

A basic account with most features is free but there are optional extras which one may choose to purchase.

It’s a well designed, very friendly, social playground which enhances pupils’ natural creativity.


The website says:

“The story of the Tinkas goes like this: The Tinkas live on tiny islands far far away. They’ve never encountered humans before, but each day junk from our world washes onto their shores.

We would see this as a problem. But the Tinkas, being the inventive, creative creatures that they are, see it as possibility. The cork and jar lid they stumble across aren’t trash, they are a treasure – waiting to be formed.

Players are encouraged to be like Tinkas, online and off. To think creatively and to see possibility in even the smallest most insignificant thing.”