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World Stories is a great collection of stories to use for literacy but also maybe really useful for language teaching and learning.

“World Stories is a growing collection of traditional and new stories representing the 21 most commonly spoken languages by children across the UK.  These stories can be read, listened to and downloaded in English and their original language.”

World Stories is a project being developed by KidsOut who call themselves “the fun and happiness charity.”  The Big Lottery and Esmee Fairburn provide the funding so it is free to use in school or at home. The aim is to aid cultural understanding and a celebration of the traditional tales from all over the world.

I looked at a French story called “The Booted Cat” and found it easy to switch between the French and English version to practice my French. Many of the stories also have the English version recorded and these would be particularly useful for pupils learning English. It is possible to download the audio recording, as well as the story in


. These could then be embedded into an IWB notebook for use in class if required.

World Stories has an excellent teachers’ area and registration is free. In the teachers’ area there is a gallery where pupils may share their own poems and pictures as well as lesson guides (see below) for all of the stories.

Example Lesson Guide:

Classroom Guide – The Heathfield Hare
Title:  The Heathfield Hare – An English Story
Author:  David Heathfield

Description:  A farmer’s wife has a strange encounter during the night but little did she know what would come of her kind actions and quick thinking.

Key Stage: Key Stage Two
Year Group:  Year 3
Reading Age:  5-8 years
Genre:  Folk Tale
Morals:  If you do a good deed then you will be rewarded.
Subject Focus:  Literacy

Key Language Features:  Use of repetition.  (E.g. And she saw as he came closer that there were horns, one on each side of his head.  And she saw as he came closer that the rider had no boots upon his feet).
Discuss the use of repetition and sense of rhythm, what effect does this have on the text?

Cross Curricular Themes: PSHE – Discuss idea of doing a good deed.
Story Length: 542 words
Reading Time: 5 minutes