The Water Cycle

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water cycleWater Cycle Resources

KidZone Science – Offers a good water cycle page which explains key words clearly. They have a set of printable diagrams – one set of which can be coloured, helping to explain the processes involved. This site also has some lesson plans about the water cycle.

All about Oceans and Seas – From Enchanted Learning has useful diagrams to print out and label. It also offers a play The Water Cycle Adventure which uses actors to tell the whole story of water.

A You Tube video explaining the process:

The Met Office – Provides a very simple introduction to The Water Cycle, followed by a more advanced diagram. They offer an easy to understand video covering the whole process but it does seem to focus more on explaining the underground water better.

Water, A Never-Ending Story – A resource for teachers, with lesson plans and ideas for activities.

Interactive Diagram of the Water Cycle – This web site, from USGS, offers a really good interactive diagram, which could be used really well on an interactive whiteboard. It is available in three different levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. The beginner level is the basic water cycle; the intermediate level adds weather such as fog, dew, snowmelt and groundwater whilst the advanced level adds ice clouds, streams, seepage and more.

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