The Superheroes Topic

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teaching ideasSuperheroes can be a huge inspiration to children and there are lots of shared ideas, resources and web links to help teachers who are planning such a project.

An Introductory Video:

Teaching Ideas – Offers a wide range of resources to help with a Super Heroes project; these are all resources shared by teachers who have already done this topic. There are many ideas and resources which you are free to use.

Mensa for Kids – This site provides a really comprehensive set of lesson plans which would be great for older and gifted children.

TES – This site has a repository for a wide range of Super Hero resources – for KS2 there are 105 resources on offer including presentations, story prompts, simile and metaphor activities and loads more.

British Council Games for Super Heroes – These are particularly useful for learners whose native language is not English and for learners who need a little more than usual support with their English.

Ducksters has Biographies of many Super Heroes

Mocomi – Provides Super Hero Fun Facts.

Kidzworld – Offers the top ten cartoon superheroes information with trailers from comics and films. There is also a quiz at the end to see what everyone has learned.

The Earth Magazine – This site offers “Ka-pow! Superhero Short Films” These are designed to get kids thinking about climate change.

The Green Ninja may sound like a spin-off of the “Power Rangers,” the live-action children’s television series featuring colour-coded superheroes. But there’s a little less punch and a lot more thought going into this YouTube science show for kids.”

Pinterest – This Pinterest board has lots of ideas for SuperHero activities, making suggestions like: writing activitites, badges, spiders that climb, masks, mini books, etc. Some of these resources are paid for, but some of the ideas are good and those are free!