The Science of Fireworks

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1-free-fireworks-clip-artThere are several sites that teach about the science of fireworks; it may be that having a little understanding of how they are made and what goes into them will teach children a little more respect and understanding of the danger they can pose.


The Franklin Institution has created a video below demonstrating how fireworks are made and the chemistry behind the colours:


25 Interesting Facts about Fireworks – this site is simple and interesting, covering different aspects of fireworks. One horrifying fact provided is that a sparkler burns at 15 times the boiling temperature of water! It would be worth asking children what they find the most interesting fact here!

Explain that Stuff –  offers and easy to understand explanation for how fireworks are made with a diagram explaining all of the parts.

Planet Science – shares a couple of great videos and also gives sites teaching about firework safety.

How do Fireworks Work? This is a simple demonstration of making a firework from The Science of Summer

Firework Safety Guide – to finish off the science, here is a safety reminder from CBBC’s Newsround.

Free firework safety posters available from a range of places:

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