Birdwatch for Schools 2016 – Register Now

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The Schools' BirdwatchThe Schools’ Birdwatch, aligned with the Garden Birdwatch, is coming at the end of the month. Get ready for the world’s largest wildlife survey on 30-31 January and send now for the free Big Garden Birdwatch Pack.

This event is an educational activity that gets your class closer to nature. It takes just an hour and works for all ages and abilities.”(RSPB)

It is time to register to take part in this year’s School Birdwatch. There is a free pack to help people recognise birds; it is a great activity for schools across the whole country and will give children a feeling of taking part in something big and important, whilst also learning more about birds and how to recognise them.

There is a free educator’s newsletter that one can sign up for too, just fill in the form.

There are free teaching resources available from this site, with loads of fun facts and articles about nature,  and there are also more at the TES.The Schools' Birdwatch

There is an RSBP Kids Section, which s full of games and activity ideas – including some for children under the age of six. So, even if not taking part in the survey, there is interest on this site for all ages.