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The Notebook Gallery is a new website for teachers who use SMART Notebook in their classrooms and is probably worth a look  during half term.

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There are ready made SMART Notebook templates and notebooks as well as other downloadable resources. Videos, audio files, completed notebooks and templates are available at the moment with a promise of new resources being uploaded weekly. It is free initially and then costs approximately £3 (or $4) per month. As a free member only two downloads are allowed.

If you have any teachers who are feeling slightly worried about using a SMARTBoard then the training videos may be very useful. As this is a new website, it is difficult to fully evaluate but it looks as though it could be really useful and costs little compared with other sorts of training.

Sample Notebooks

One publicity email from The Notebook Gallery made the following claims:

Notebook Lessons:
The Notebook Gallery contains an amazing collection of professionally-designed Notebook files. You’ll find a lots of Ready-To-Use lessons as well an amazing collection of Notebook template files that allow you to enter your own information into a pre-designed interactive template.

Notebook Resources:
Having access to quality image and audio resources is essential for creating effective Notebook lessons. At The Notebook Gallery, you’ll find an ever growing collection of resources for your Notebook lessons.

Guided Instruction Activities:
Guided Instruction Activities allow you to create custom Notebook lessons by watching a series of short videos that guide you through the process step-by-step. This is by for the most effective (and fun) method available for learning how to use the Notebook software.

We will continue to monitor The Notebook Gallery and update you on how it evolves.