The Norman Conquest

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The BBC 1-nchave released an interactive comic book about the Norman Conquest called What happened in 1066?

The site provides a very simple, straightforward account of the events of 1066 leading up to the crowning of William on Christmas day in 1066.

This, BBC Bitesize site, is part of the BBC KS2 History resources compilation, where there is a large collection of resources for the whole Invaders and Settlers period, including many cartoons, comics, photographs, videos and animations. It is a huge useful resource collection which continues to be developed.

The Norman Conquest Comic Book:

When Edward the Confessor died without leaving an heir in 1066, it set in motion events which would lead to the end of the Anglo-Saxon era in Britain. Use the arrow buttons to find out what happened.”(BBC Bitesize Norman Conquest Introduction)

The comic book is a really good resource and shows clearly what was a very complex situation with three people vying for the crown and what happened to them in a way that children will easily understand.

The Norman Conquest


On the same site are resources for:

  1. Roman Britain
  2. Anglo-Saxons
  3. Vikings
  4. Middle Ages

with the Norman Conquest being in the last set about the Middle Ages.