The Mathematics Shed

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The Mathematics ShedThe Mathematics Shed is the latest website from the team that developed The Literacy Shed.

They have started to collect videos that will help teacher present a range of maths topics in a fun way.

There are already so many section headings  in use, including:

  • Maths Tool Shed
  • Maths Topic Shed
  • Beat the Brain Shed
  • Maths Shopping Shed
  • Maths Inquiry Shed

Also sheds can be found for music / challenges / popular culture/ Dr Who/ Lego and many more! This is a rapidly growing set of maths resources on a massive number of topics..

Apart from actually developing resources to share they are gathering together resources found around the web! There are some amazing resources such as a topic plans for Around the World in 80 Days, Ancient Egyptian and Roman counting projects, Africa by numbers and more.

There are also many printable fact sheets and some editable worksheets:

The Mathematics Shed

In addition, there are a set of on-line flash games all gathered together in sections according to the topic being studied.

The sports shed offers loads of exercises.  The first one is where children have to put F1 drivers in pole positions giving opportunities for children to make predictions, look at all sorts of factors and try to work out the likelihood of the driver winning. There are exercises for rugby, football, tennis and other sports. A great selection of things that children will be interested in are represented there.

All in all,  I can’t imagine teachers needing much more than is on offer at The Mathematics Shed.  These resources will supplement any scheme, or help a teacher to make up their own scheme.  It is developing into an amazing set of maths resources for primary school.  It even  includes  awards such as the imaginative one below!

The Mathematics Shed