The History of Children in the Victorian Era

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The history of the Victorian EraChildren’s life in the Victorian era is a fascinating topic. Children worked, some had schooling and some didn’t. It is so different to the lives of our children today that they will be really interested in learning about how Victorian children lived. The following pages will help with any study of the life of children during the Victorian period.

BBC Victorian Britain – This site has a wonderful page about Victorian Britain. It has been archived, but it is still an excellent resource covering children in coal mines, school, play, work, factories, their toys and games and lots more!

Primary Homework Help – This site also has a wonderful resource on children in Victorian times.

Primary Facts – This site has Victorian Christmas facts and information.

Victorian Children – Offers a look into how Victorian children lived, played, worked and survived

You will find lots of other great information at the Victorian Children site. The following topics are covered:

The School Run – Has the top ten facts, great for research projects! There is also a timeline and a quiz. “During the 64 years that Queen Victoria was on the throne, Britain was also going through the Industrial Revolution. Machines for factories were invented that could make things quickly, like textiles – so, there were more textiles around to sell, and more people who wanted to buy them. With the invention of the steam train, the textiles could get to places further away than before. Life in the Victorian era changed very quickly for a lot of people, and cities became busier and more crowded.” (The School Run)

The history of the Victorian Era