The Faulkes Telescope Project

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The Faulkes Telescope Project is designed to get pupils involved in research-based science education which aims to improve understanding and motivation.

Secondary school pupils studying space can make use of the wide range of Faulkes Telescope educational resources being made available via the website. The resources range from basic introductory activities through to data analysis. There are on-line training course for teachers who wish to use the resources and it is all free. Schools can also register to get limited access to an actual telescope (see Telescope Account Registration).

There is a User Showcase where one can see the sorts of projects that have already been carried out and a range of multimedia resources to investigate. There are interactive animations, podcasts, videos and images from the sky which explain scientific concepts such as how stars are born!

LinkThe Faulkes Telescope project has been running for several years and it was recently featured on Blue Peter. The CBBC website has the Blue Peter clip about the Stargazing program which shows an interview with a schoolgirl who used the Faulkes Telescope for her schoolwork and discovered an asteroid. This is an ideal resource for KS2.