The Bloodhound Project

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A picture of a rocket carBloodhound SCC is project running for schools incorporating practical mathematics, science and literacy into technology. The Bloodhound project is attempting to try to overcome what according to Richard Noble “is the biggest threat today, the failure to inspire British and American pupils to gain a good education in science and engineering.”

Bloodhound is a rocket and jet powered car, superfast and fuel efficient that offers a global challenge – an engineering adventure! They are asking the pupils of the world to get involved in trying to breaking the land speed worl record by creating the worlds’ fastest car.

The speed run with be in 2013 and the aim is to reach over 1000 miles per hour.  The project shares all project data, plans and news with the schools via Facebook and You Tube as well as the website.

Mission Statement:

  • To confront and overcome the impossible using science, technology, engineering and mathematics
  • To motivate the next generation to deal with global 21st century challenges

Primary Engineer have worked with BLOODHOUND SSC to develop a series of interactive whiteboard resources to deliver BLOODHOUND SSC into primary classrooms. The project is designed to be delivered as a whole class activity (half a terms work) or it can be adapted as part of a club or engineering day.  To find out more visit the project and watch the video clip on that page for more information.

Available via their website, pupils can get access to information about making balloon cars, go-karts and there is  lots more to explore and investigate. The BBC has produced 12 Bloodhound SSC related video clips for pupils that are studying this science.

To see all of the resources simply register your school and join the 5000 schools that have already signed up in the UK.