The Big Myth Creation Stories

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The Big Myth Creation Stories website is great for exploring myths. It has an interactive map which teachers can use to choose an area of the world in which to study the myths. Each of these big myth creation stories is narrated and animated making them easily accessible for all ages.

In the teacher’s section of the site, there are many downloadable pdf documents. These are: transcripts of the animated stories, information about the culture of the place from where the myth originated, information about the gods or religions of the area and also exercises to inspire learners to work together to think about the meaning of the myth.

Much of this information is too old for primary aged children, though year 6 children may enjoy the transcripts; however, they are written in child friendly language. All of the offered information will be useful background information for the teachers  studying for a topic.

The Big Myth Creation Stories Website

The Big Myth


Big Myth Apps Available

This site also has apps available for iOS and Android devices:  Free in the UK

£3.41 for Android

The Big Myth used to be a paid for resource but has recently been shared freely on the web and as an app for iPads and iPhones.

Other Creation Story Websites

CREATION MYTHS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. This site opens with a great many myths which start from nothing existing and, by the end of a week, or few days, the Earth exists. They could perhaps be used as a simple biblical comparisons.

The Ducksters Site – offers more Native American  myths written for children.

The Creation Myth of the Maori – based on there being two gods originally with a whole host of child gods who fought!

One of the Blackfoot Legends is interesting – this one started with one figure who made everything else – not unlike the biblical story which children will be familiar with.