The Aztecs

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The AztecsThe Aztecs is a fascinating history topic and there are many useful websites to help. Here is a set of web links suitable for primary school:

  • BBC Bitesize – has a couple of very interesting video clips; the first, looking for information about the ancient civilisation and the second, talking about human sacrifice. There is a also a really interesting set of classroom ideas here too.
  • Mexicolore – seems to be developing new interactive resources for children to investigate.  Toys, books, transport, games and numbers seem to be items covered that are missing from the other lists! There is a downloadable PDF showing a detailed picture of the sunstone. They actually share quite a lot of really good quality teaching resources.
  • The Schoolrun – has lots of easy to read information and a timeline for the Aztecs. There is a lot of really useful information suitable for children here. My only criticism is that the content is a bit squashed together.
  • Ducksters – covers daily life, family life, clothes, food, sports, religion, technology, art and a lot more,  ending with the Spanish Conquest.
  • KidsConnect – has useful information about the Aztecs, including a list of the most well-known gods but it also wishes to sell worksheets.
  • KidsDiscover – this site has a set of classroom research ideas for children to do as projects.
  • Welcome to Mexico – an excellent set of pages giving information about the ancient civilisation covering:
    • Who were they and where did they come from?
    • They were religious people with many gods.
    • They built the city of Tenochtitlan.
    • There was a great temple in the city.
    • Everyday Life
    • Written Evidence
    • Cortes
    • Music and Dance

There is  lots more besides on this site. There is a booklet which children can download to write their findings in, there are teacher notes, a quiz, the story of chocolate, a link to the Cadbury’s site, and lot of images linked to this fascinating period of history.


  • Primary Homework Help – this site is a useful site to study this period of history but sadly several of its links are no longer available.