The Ancient Romans

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Ancient Rome, along with the ancient Romans, is often covered during a school topic on Invaders and Settlers and there is a lot of material which has been developed to cover this period in history:

BBC Bitesize – has an excellent updated site on the Romans with real reporting from Roman remains, including video information about Roman places and quotes written.

The site has a cartoon film about Boudicca and many more similar video or audio clips. It provides information on the three invasions and how the Celts fought back, before we became part of The Roman Empire.

This site also has some fascinating questions and answers – pupils are sure to be captivated by some of the questions below:

  • Why did the Romans invade Britain?
  • What did the Romans eat for breakfast?
  • Where did the Romans live?
  • What pets did the Romans have?
  • How did the Romans become so powerful?
  • How long ago did the Romans live?

Primary Resources – this site has many resources based on the Romans and Celts, all are teacher produced and freely downloadable. The presentations and worksheets cover things like:

  • The Roman Legacy
  • Mosaics
  • Roman Relaxation
  • Roman gods
  • Numerals
  • A play about the invasion
  • Boudicca
  • lots more!

This is an interesting video, created by the BBC: A Day in the Life of a ten year old in Ancient Rome