The Ancient Egyptians

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Photograph of The Sphinx

Recommended Sites for Pupils

The British Museum – As well as loads of information and stories, this website has lots of challenges such as the hieroglyph challenge.

Mr Donn’s Ancient Egypt for Children – With lots of very clear information presented well.

Snaith Primary – This Ancient Egyptian site has some lovely interactive pages and quizzes.

History for Kids – A comprehensive site written like an encyclopaedia with lovely clear explanations and pictures.

Kingtutone – Some fun activities and games … possible homework activities

Mummy Maker and Pyramid Challenge – Two of the many BBC Ancient Egypt resources.

Egypt voyager puzzle – Pick up the pieces – put an Egyptian pot together.

Egypt voyage concentrate – Concentrate, a match the pairs game.

Woodlands junior kent Woodlands School site, lots of information on Egyptians

Egyptian Temple

Recommended Sites for Teachers

Mr Donn’s Ancient Egypt for Children – Lots of very clearly presented information including downloadable PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans and clip-art for teachers.

History for kids teachers guides – Egypt teacher’s guide

Virtual – Egyptian music to inspire writing or art work – A fantastic set of Egyptian Webquests for different ages

Egyptian – Egyptian myths – far too many adverts fro children but useful texts. – A large set of photographs from Egypt which may be useful in all aspects of the topic