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Terrific ScientificTerrific Scientific is an exciting new BBC science project aimed at 9-11 year olds. The project encourages children to take part in a series of accessible mass-participation investigations at schools across the UK. It has already started and the January experiment involves Taste.

Investigation 1 – The Super Taste Test.

In the Super Taste Test, schools will be investigating if children are Super-tasters! It is thought that 1 in 4 people are Super-tasters, meaning they have a more intense reaction to bitter tastes.

There is still time to get involved: teachers need to sign up here.

There is a letter to parents which can be downloaded from here.

The BBC have created a collection of teaching resources to help teachers deliver the Terrific Scientific Taste investigation to their class. An activity accompanies the Live Lesson: What happens when I eat? – takes place on 31 January. Teachers need to carry out the activity before the Live Lesson and send in their class results.

Terrific Scientific is running one scientific investigative activity each month from now until the summer, it looks to be a very worthwhile and fun project.

BBC Terrific Scientific is a UK wide primary science initiative aimed at 9-11 year olds and their teachers.

You will need to register to take part and see your school and class/es on our Terrific Scientific interactive map, and to submit your results. This means that you and your pupils will be contributing to some of the biggest mass-participation scientific investigations that have ever happened in the UK.

Registration also gives you the chance to be eligible for our Meet the Medallist incentive. A medal-winning athlete from Team GB or Paralympics GB could visit your school!“(BBC Terrific Scientific)