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Telescopic textTelescopic Text is an absolutely brilliant website for teachers to use when teaching writing skills.  It  will help children to add interest to their writing.

Great fun can be had on almost any topic, using an interactive whiteboard to add phrases or adjectives to make an interesting sentence together as a class.

A teacher can write the simplest of sentences, e.g.

Telescopic Text

and use the editor provided to add to it. Everything that is grey on the images have more words hidden underneath:

Telescopic Text

It can be opened out from any point to reveal the whole text:

I walked into the old fashioned bedroom, opened the dusty, old, blue, flowery curtains, looked out of the ancient, crooked, rickety window and saw a tall slender lighthouse casting a dull, golden beam across the dark, raging, stormy sea.

Which is way over the top of course, I was playing! I am sure children will play and experiment too.  For a teacher, it provides a really good demonstration of how to  use adjectives to add interest to one’s writing. Have a look at my text or the selected text from the home page of the website: I made tea.

Telescopic Text is completely free, very simple to use and texts can be used over and over again. It would be fun to create a list of  teacher created works for use at different times too!

NB. Do not create your first masterpiece on Telescopic Text without registering and logging in! It is free but you need to be logged in to save it. Nevertheless, just to use it as a whiteboard resource with children for unsaved, experimental work, you do not need to be logged in, it just works from the opening screen.