Teaching about the Human Body

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Human BodyThe human body is a wondrous thing. This collection of links and resources should help teaching pupils about this fascinating topic.

Scholastic have a slide show which shows detailed images with a text to read which will help the children understand what they are looking at. It is suitable for children who can read.

Sciencekids has a set of games to help understanding the human body; it also has quizzes, fact sheets, images and really useful videos!

The Human Body

Kidshealth has a full set of cartoon videos narrated by cartoon characters which explain the workings of the human body. These are funny and will undoubtedly appeal to children!

Spongelab has a Build a Body game where children put the organs into the right place! Different systems have different games so it is possible to concentrate on one aspect. This site requires a sign up to be able to access the games, but it is free.

Teaching ideas has some great printable sheets.

Teachervision has lessons, digital books and printables related to teaching about the human body. This site has resources presented according to age.

Browse these human body printables, lessons, and references to find great cross-curricular teaching resources on the immune system, anatomy, and the five senses. Supplement units on health or biology with activities on the digestive, nervous, and circulatory systems. Students of all ages will enjoy learning about genetics through hands-on science experiments, such as DNA fingerprinting. You’ll also find quizzes on the human body to test student’s knowledge of the brain and skeletal system.”(Teachervision)

The Human Body