Website for Teaching Drawing

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Many pupils claim that “I’m rubbish at drawing!” which is a sad reflection of their lack of confidence and experience. However, as with all skills, pupils can  be taught to draw and there are several sites that will actually help teachers and pupils learn how to improve their drawing skills.

How to Draw It

“Drawing is a skill like reading or cooking or playing soccer. Sure, some people are naturals at these things, and look like pros their first day out, but the rest of us have to learn. You can learn how to draw as easily as learning cooking or playing soccer, and probably much easier than learning how to read. We’ll break it down for you in step by step drawing tutorials.”

How to Draw it is a whole bank of teaching materials which could be used in class. This site is for all ages and includes dozens of animal compositions to teach both drawing and composition skills.

Draw Space

How to draw a cat

On this site there are over 200 lesson that lead from beginner to advanced in a structured course. It deals with line, form, structure, shading, perspective, caricature and more, each lesson is a complete download illustrated clearly to enable success. Pupils’ drawings are shared here too.



A picture of the art bot site

ArtBot contains videos arranged in sets by different genre and artists. Professor Garfield demonstrations are an excellent collection of drawing lessons with a particular focus on cartoons.