Teaching Digital Citizenship Education

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digital_citizenshipTeaching Digital Citizenship Education – a must these days for all ages, all classrooms, all teachers, all pupils! June is internet safety month so following are some useful weblinks for teachers to build digital citizenship into their curriculum.

  • Digizen – Kids  Look for the digizen guide on each page – they are colour coded to show if the content is useful for teachers, parents and/or kids. Happy browsing! What is Digital Citizen… What is Digital …

  • Teaching Digital Citizenship in the Elementary Classroom  Teaching digital citizenship,ipv4 transfer, and internet safety is a lot more … social networks and conversing with other kids through online gaming and …

  • Digital Citizenship – Primary Why is digital citizenship important?  Do you want to get the best out of using the internet and keep yourself and others safe and healthy in an online world? Use these materials to learn what it takes to become a positive digital citizen.
  • Netzsmarts Workshop NetSmartz Workshop is an engaging, educational program that offers best resources to assist demonstrate children about digital citizenship specifically how to go safe online. The educational program at NetSmartz Workshop is intended for kids ages 5-17, teachers and parents. Resources are available in the form of videos, cards, games, and presentations.
  • Media Education Lab  A  huge collection of free resources available from the Media Education Lab.

Teaching Digital Citizenship Education