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tpetTeachers Pet is a website started in 2010 by a teacher with his own resources; it has now built into a whole collection of both free and paid for resources. 

This website pulls all of our resources, services, apps and products together and lets you see what’s new and popular. We will also soon be listing all of our resources in a handy classroom calendar that will let you see what events are happening around the world and suggest resources to support the events.”(Teachers Pet Website)

Teachers Pet Display Ideas

I love theTeachers Pet display ideas and the display resources, which are completely free. There is a whole gallery of photographs taken by teachers of their displays and always looking at what others have done gives another teacher great inspiration.


I love this door display (left), when you enter this room you are…


There are many more ideas shared, all of which could be adapted and used in any classroom.  The display resources are shared freelyand also give teachers many ideas and inspiration.

Teachers Pet create games and apps; most of these are paid for resources shared by teachers,  to be played in the browser.

What’s the time Mr Wolf (link below) is a good example of these games. Any class learning to tell the time could enjoy playing this, either on a whiteboard or on computers, it could be sent home as a homework task too.


Teachers Pet is another great teacher resource to investigate!