The Real Easter Egg Competition

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The Real Easter EggThe Real Easter Egg Competition is run by The Meaningful Chocolate Company who specialise in using Fairtrade chocolate.

The competition is open to all school children, it is one entry per person and details of where to send it are given on the web page.

The competition asks children to design a poster for a “Real Easter Egg”  and it could promote something like charity work, faith or Fairtrade. Winners would get a special Easter Egg and a certificate, their school will get £500. The best 20 from both primary and secondary school will be put on the company’s FaceBook page.

The posters have to be received for the competition by the 1st March so there is only about two weeks to do the posters!

The main page also has an Illustrated Version of the Easter Story.

The Meaningful Chocolate Company also offers resources to teach children at little about Fairtrade and Easter. There is an Easter Quiz, an Easter card, an Easter game and presentations about Easter for teachers. Also, if one buys an Easter egg, you will find that the box is a cube which opens out into a fully illustrated Easter Story!

This is an interesting site to see how much the company has given to charity, what the lives are like for the people growing the cocoa beans, and what difference the Fairtrade money makes to the local communities. Obviously it is a site advertising Easter eggs but there is plenty of interest there for schools even if not buying eggs, just raising awareness may inspire some children to go home and ask to buy eggs from there instead of the supermarket!