Tate Create Ideas for Children’s Art

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“Welcome to Tate Create the place to find crafty things to do off line.

All the activities were tested out by kids who visited one of the Tate galleries. Try them yourself then send us your pictures.”(Tate Create)

Tate Create opens with a brilliant “Inspire me” section

Tate Create

  • Use only two colours to draw a fast rocker eating your favourite meal.
  • Set a timer for a minute, and draw a bright star eating a banana
  • Paint a watercolour of a lady with very long hair in a car
  • Use four coloured pencils to draw a hairy mint in a car… the list in endless and very different to anything most of us could instantly conjure up to inspire young artists.

The Colouring Book Section gives outline drawings of some very famous paintings for children to colour, I can imagine this being useful for colour mixing activities.

Tate Create

The Be Crafty Online Section includes activities such as:

  • Be an animator
  • Be a web mixer
  • Be a sound artist
  • Doodle Signs
  • Be a 3D designers
  • Neon Drawing Disco and more

Tate Create

Each of the Be Crafty ideas gives an indication of time, a video showing what learners are aiming for, an idea explanation, a plan, what you need including apps, website, technological devices and a list of detailed instructions. So, Be a Sound Artist for example, says:

“The Idea

There are sounds all around us! Even on our own, we can make sounds: sensible or silly, loud or quiet sounds. Sound art is art which uses sound both as material (much like paint or pencils) and as its subject (what it is about). Intrigued to know more? Find out about Sound Art on the Tate Kids blog.

The Plan

We are going to make a sound track made of found sounds around you. We will go on a sound walk and use an app to make some sound art of your own.

You Need

  • A tablet
  • Download pyka_loop on the app store. Make sure you ask a parent or guardian before downloading
  • Sound instruments like rice in a box, a bell, a xylophone or a plastic bag
  • Your ears (most importantly)” (Tate Create)

Interspersed with videos and instructions. It really should be possible for learners to follow the instructions, or teachers to adapt them to the school grounds/ classroom situation.