Take part in the Sounds Around You Project

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Take part in the Sounds Around You ProjectSalford University’s Sound Around You project is an interesting project for any class who are studying  the science of sound during the year.

Aim. The project organisers state that:”We’re calling people across the world to use their iphone (or any other audio recorder) to record clips of around 30 seconds in length from different sound environments, or ‘soundscapes’ from a family car journey to a busy shopping centre, and to upload them to our virtual map, along with their opinions of them and why they chose to record it.

Sound Around You aims to raise awareness of how our soundscape influences us and could have far reaching implications for professions and social groups ranging from urban planners to house buyers.”

Taking Part. In order to take part in the project, simply use any mobile phone or recording device to record your sounds and add them to the web site. For schools who possess  iPod Touches, iPhones or iPads, there is an App called iSAY,  which can be downloaded for this purpose. For schools without these devices, you can still take part by using your own recording equipment and clicking the Contribute button to the top right of the website.

First  Visit the Sounds Around You Project and follow the instructions:

Step 1 – If using iPod Touches, iPhones or iPads  download  the iSAY App. If using other  recording equipment, click the Contribute button to the right of the screen and follow the instructions.

Step 2 – Capture, comment on and upload your sound environments.

Step 3 – Your soundscapes and opinions will anonymously be placed on the world map.

Step 4 -You have now contributed to the world soundscape study (it may take up to an hour to show though).

Step 5 – Listen to soundscapes from anywhere else ien the world that you are interested in!

This is a great project for comparing the sounds of places – I plan to add sounds of the sea over the next few days and maybe you can add traffic noise, children’s voices, dogs barking or other animal noises?