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Pirates Website Links

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Talk Like a Pirate Day has become a huge success, all around the world schools celebrate the day in a huge variety of ways.  Many teachers have now written and shared their Pirate lesson plans. So starting preparing for the next September 19th. The UK Talk like a Pirate website has an interesting news article, the old UK site has lots more information to help making your day a huge success.

Cross curricular ...

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Chocolate Website Links

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ChocolateIn preparation for September, we have started posting collections of recommended website links on various cross curricular themes including chocolate. We hope you find them useful when planning and feel free to contact us if you have any particular theme requests.

Links for Chocolate as a Cross Curricular Theme:

Scheme: – this is a 67 page scheme of work ...

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Space Links for Pupils

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If your topic includes studying space there are a wonderful collection  of web sites that may help you:

Nasa Kids’ Club

Nasa Kids' Club web page

The main categories are:

  • Earth
  • Shuttle and Station
  • Solar System
  • Universe
  • Beyond Earth
  • Commercial Space
  • Aeronautics
  • NASA People and History
  • NASA in Your Life
  • Technology

Astronomy for Children

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Teacher Sites for The Earth and Beyond

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There are a variety of inspiring on-line resources available for the subject of space and some of the recommended websites below may well fit into current topics and themes:

A web site about spaceThere are lots of excellent space resources in Teaching Ideas


has loads of ideas ...

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