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Ancient Roman History – No 1

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Ancient Roman HistoryAncient Roman history is often covered as a period of British history and is often covered during a topic on Invaders and Settlers. There is a lot of material which has been developed to cover the Roman Era, not only in Britain but around the world:

History for Kids – Roman History,Fun Facts to Learn. This site contains a ...

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Invaders and Settlers – History Web links

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invaders2These links are written in support of the National Curriculum, KS2, Programme of Study for History: Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots, better known as the period of Invaders and Settlers:

Examples (non-statutory) – This could include:

Roman Withdrawal from Britain in c. AD 410

  1. BBC Primary History – The Romans
  2. History learning site – The Romans in Britain
  3. Primary Homework Help – The Romans
  4. Roman Britain
  5. Early British ...

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History and Geography Summer Games

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Below is a list of recommended History and Geography on-line activities covering a wade variety of skills for pupils to use during the summer break:


A dinosaur game picture

BBC History Games

Primary History games From the Viking Webquest to the Elizabethan spying game –there is lots to play!

The Natural History Museum – Dinosaur defender and more

Primary Arena – History

Kids ...

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