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20 years and counting …

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In 1991 Nick completed his PGCE at Westminster
College and first set foot in Rush Common Primary School in Abingdon as a Year 5 teacher.

During the past 20 years Nick has worked in many (too many!) Oxfordshire schools; teaching, advising, running football teams and attempting to raise the standard of ICT.

Other notable events from 1991 include:


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iTeachers is a collection of over 200 cross-curricular iLessons and ICT resources. Nick came up with idea of iTeachers in 2004 and the concept of using screen capture to deliver ICT ideas and training to teachers. He spent the next 5 years working with lead ICT teachers and coordinators developing video content for iTeachers.

The aim of iTeachers was to allow primary school teachers to teach cross curricular ICT with confidence. It’s a pity that ...

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