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Power My Learning review

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Power my learningPower My Learning is a new type of learning platform.

It allows schools to connect to the best free digital learning activities on the web  and can be used to meet the full range of primary school learning needs.

There is a whole set of teacher how-to guides as

Teaching Kids To Think Using Scratch

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Scratch CatChris Betcher has a very good blog site incorporating a video which will help teachers introduce Scratch to pupils. It is clear, easy to follow and with interesting ideas.

Chris really enjoyed getting started with Scratch so he has created a wiki with more posts. Particularly impressive is his Jackson Pollock simulator … it would be fun to do one ...

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Art and Music Games for Summer Fun

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Below is a list of recommended Art and Music on-line activities covering a wade variety of skills for pupils to use during the summer break:

Tone Matrix image


Primary Arena Music Games – fantastic music collection

Music Games US

PBS Kids Music Games

CBBC Music Games

Kiba music games

Zzounds Music games

Casual Gamer – Music

Purple Mash

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A picture showing some of the themes in Purple Mash

The Oxfordshire “Learning With Technology” conference was another opportunity to have a good look at 2Simple’s Purple Mash.

Purple Mash is a massive online creative space especially for primary school learners. It is a wonderful collection of resources that inspires creativity in young pupils.

There are ...

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Website for Teaching Drawing

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Many pupils claim that “I’m rubbish at drawing!” which is a sad reflection of their lack of confidence and experience. However, as with all skills, pupils can  be taught to draw and there are several sites that will actually help teachers and pupils learn how to improve their drawing skills.

How to Draw It

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