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Studying Famous Artists

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Studying famous artistsStudying famous artists can be pretty daunting for people who have not studied art themselves. The following websites may be a good starting point for teachers interested in getting started with introducing real works of art into the classroom.

13+ Famous Artists Inspired Art Projects for Kids!  This website shares a collection of art projects suitable for all primary ...

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Big Huge Labs

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bhlBig Huge Labs offers teachers a great selection of tools for use every day to develop art work in their classrooms.

Art templates and tools are available to:

  • Design a magazine cover.
  • Design a pop art poster.
  • Create vintage photo booth strips.
  • A Hockneyizer to create a photo collage in the style of Hockney.
  • Create a tiny, pocket sized photo album.
  • Make a calendar.
  • Put beautiful frames on pictures.
  • Add funny comments to photos.
  • Make inspirational posters.
  • Make a movie poster.
  • Make ...

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May Day Celebrations, Customs and Traditions

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Maypole DancingMay Day is nearly upon us and there are a lot of traditions linked with the day.

It was made a bank holiday in England in 1978 and instead of being May 1st, it is the first Monday in May. People have fairs, gatherings and maypole dancing to celebrate the start of the farming season when the planting, ...

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