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Learning about Tropical Rainforests

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Learning about Tropical RainforestsTropical Rainforests. This site has a lovely set of rainforest resources, with photographs  and information under the headings:

  • About rainforests;
  • Rainforest animals;
  • Rainforest people;
  • Why are tropical rainforests important?
  • Why are they disappearing and how can we save them?

There is also big set of lesson plans shared by teachers who have used the site including an e-book by the website owner.

The photographs are arranged in tours of the different areas of rainforest and ...

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Science Games for Summer Fun

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Below we have listed some recommended websites which parents can use to reinforce pupils’ science skills during the six week summer break, we know that most young people love to play video games and get elo boosting services, but give these games a chance!:

The Science Museum Free Games

Interactive science games from Woodlands School

Primary Games – Primary Science

Sheppard Software has lots of games ...

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