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The British Museum – Ancient Greek History

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The British Museum Ancient Greek History

The British Museum has a great site developed specifically for children covering Ancient Greek History.

The chapters included are:

  • The Acropolis
  • Athens
  • Daily Life
  • Festivals and Games
  • Geography
  • Gods and Goddesses
  • Knowledge and Learning
  • Sparta
  • Time Lines
  • War
  • Staff Room

Each section is split into three parts: Story, Explore and Challenge.


The Story section is filled with information, often interactive and based on images, poetry, stories etc. There is either a note, or glossary item, which pops up to ...

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Children’s University – Ancient Greece

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Ancient GreeceThe Children’s University of Manchester has developed an interesting site about Ancient Greece. To view the interactive element of the site, users must have enabled Flash to run on their browser. Google Chrome users will need to add the site to their exceptions by following these instructions.

Particularly useful on the site is the timelines that show: the ...

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BBC Bitesize – Ancient Greece

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Ancient GreeceThe BBC Bitesize, Ancient Greece, website has seven learner guides and four class clips related to learning about Ancient Greece.

Who were the ancient Greeks?  This webpage covers the history of Ancient Greece and has an interactive map allowing children to discover more about the famous cities of the time, including: Sparta, Athens and ...

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