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structuresStructures are an important part of any topic or project about buildings and construction. These links may help teachers and children when undertaking such a topic.

Exploratorium – This site provides Structures around the world and shares lots of D&T possibilities whilst working on the topic of buildings.

Technology Student – Covers bridges in detail.

Science Sparks – Shares a page of ideas of work on structures including tasks with Lego and sweets!

Children’s Engineering Educators – This site has gathered together a collection of links to lesson plans to do with structures.

Watch Know Learn – This site has a set of videos linked with the science of structures.

Little Bins for Little Hands – Provides building activities to do with kids:

If you haven’t pulled out the tooth picks and marshmallows, now’s the time. These engineering challenges are the perfect way to spend an indoor day! The best structure building activities do not need fancy supplies. You CAN do them at home or school. They are fun and challenging which makes structure building and awesome STEM activity for kids of all ages.” (Little Bins for Little Hands)

Science Kids – Offers engineering facts and some lessons about structures:

Discover the world of engineering for kids with our range of free games, cool science fair projects, fun experiments, interesting facts, amazing videos, quizzes, worksheets and more!

Learn about bridges, buildings, electricity, flight and all kinds of interesting engineering topics. As well as activities for children, there are also lesson plans teachers, ideas for parents and free teaching resources for anyone interested in engineering and learning about science on-line.” (Science Kids)