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3MStreetwiseStreetwise is a great road safety site to be aware of as we approach the summer holidays when children are more likely to be out and about on their own. It is always good to remind them how to keep safe on the roads.

“Road accidents are the single biggest cause of accidental death among  5–14 year olds – a fact that encouraged 3M to make child road safety a key part of its community programme. 3M created this online resource for use with primary school pupils. The content was written by teachers with the help of the Department for Transport and Brake, the road safety charity. Now start by choosing the most relevant section from the buttons at the top of the webpage to start learning about Child Road Safety and be Streetwise from now on! 3M Streetwise has been designed to support PSHE and Science lessons for 7–11 year olds, and aid cross-curricular work in Geography, Maths and English.” (Streetwise)

StreetwiseThere are games to remind pupils how to keep safe as pedestrians, tips for keeping safe when cycling and also science content. There is also a section specifically for teachers. Teachers will need to fill in a very simple registration form before they can access the download materials.

The Guide to using this site gives you useful background information along with an overview of topics and it also offers access to lesson plans and activity sheets – providing the curriculum relevance for the three topic areas of this site:

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