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The Storytime Online logo

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Foundation runs a wonderful story telling site called the  ‘Storyline Online’ Program:

“Since 1993, the SAG Foundation has been committed to championing children’s literacy. Through our many diverse and innovative programs we continue to inspire children to read and write. With unique partnerships and collaborations and support from thousands of (SAG) actors across the country, we are able to make our programs a reality.”


Showing a book

Storytime Online is a delightful site where children’s stories are read by actors. The books are shared with children in a lovely manner. This site would be useful for a great many reasons for all children!

A picture from the book being read

The captions can be put shown on-screen or hidden, children could tell the story themselves after listening to it.

nAother page from the book being read

The original illustrations are used.

Activities to go with the story

There are two lots of activities written to go with each story.

The site is simply lovely!