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Storyboard That CreatorStoryBoard That Creator is an incredibly powerful, yet easy to use storyboard maker. It offers a simple & fun interface that uses a familiar drag and drop system that allows users of all ages to pick it up in seconds. The creator allows you to fully customize numerous aspects of your storyboard; from colouring in your own character, to adding text, there is everything you need to get the story straight!

There is a free trial of StoryBoard That creator for educational users and in addition, there are lots of supporting materials:

  • Articles. There is a growing list of articles covering topics from Shakespearian Plays to Special Education Social Stories and everything between. Each in-depth article showcases different uses for storyboards in the classroom.
  • Curated Storyboards. There is an extensive collection of example storyboards for famous literary works and other education topics. See the whole list or check out an example like the Scarlet Letter for inspiration.
  • Lesson Plans. There is a place for teachers to submit and share lesson plans, detailing Storyboard That and its uses. Check out all lesson plans, or view a great example –  The Raven.
  • Organisation. They provide all the tools, wizards, and widgets needed to get started in the classroom. From adding students, viewing reports, and seeing all your students’ storyboards we aim for a smooth and uncomplicated start up experience.

Once the storyboard is finished it can be downloaded as a PowerPoint presentation or as a set of images for use on the IWB. It is also available for the iPad