Story-writing – Nine More Dramatised Clips

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Teachers MediaTeachers Media has added  Story-writing – Nine More Dramatised Clips to its Primary Lesson Starters series.  Teachers have to sign up for Teachers Media to get them; however, it is free to join and is a very useful teaching resource.

Each of the nine story starters is designed to instigate discussion and inspire imagination! Each little episode is opened ended and finishes in a cliff-hanger in order that the pupils may decide upon what might happen next.

  • The first story starter is about a girl dressed as a bird trying to attract the attention of a boy who is fishing.
  • The second is about a cartoonist drawing – he leaves his drawing to put the kettle on and the drawing comes to life.
  • The third is about a huge old ship with a cannon… someone opens a door to the engine room and hears ghostly goings on that leads to the revelation of a treasure map.
  • The fourth starts with a man doing DIY, his partner goes to fetch a drill from the basement but she hears spooky noises and finds lots of old things before she spots the eyes…
  • The fifth is about a boy walking in the woods, following a map – where does it end up? Does he want to know the future?
  • The sixth features a child dancing on the table, playing drums under the table and painting before being sent to her room…
  • The seventh is set on a farm – a farmer is feeding his pigs, one pig escapes…
  • The eighth features a juggling and club juggling demonstration  – the world’s highest throw?
  • The ninth is about kite flying – with a difference!

This is a great set of story starters; however, you may wish to prepare the individual clip in advance of a lesson as they are all together in one 15 minutes video.

In addition to these clips, the Primary Lesson Starters series contains over 150 short starter clips for use on interactive whiteboards in your classroom, covering primary: Maths, Science, French, History, and Literacy.