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storybook2This is a collection of online books: some are interactive, some are read and some take the form of videos; however, all can be shared on the IWB and many can also be shared on tablets.

Aesop’s Fables – animated stories

  • The Tortoise and the Hare
  • The Foolish Crow
  • The Lion and the Mouse
  • The Fox and his shadow.

Story Time from BBC Cbeebies has lots of stories brought to life as videos.

The British Council has a set of about 80 animated stories including A dog’s Life, Ratty robs a banks and Dinosaur Dig.

Kizclub has a set of 8 readers for children:

  • The Fox and the Crow
  • The Three Bears
  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • Baking Bread
  • The Three Pigs
  • The Mouse and the Lion
  • Country Mouse and City Mouse
  • The Enormous Carrot

Magic Keys  – Has lots of ‘Free Story Books to Read’.  There, you will find the books split into three categories – books for younger children, older children and young adults.

Books for Younger Children

  • The Little Gingerbread Man – by Carol Moore – A surprising new version of the classic Gingerbread Man fairy tale.
  • Invisible Alligators – by Hayes Roberts – Little Sari discovers invisible alligators quietly sneaking around creating trouble for her and everyone else.
  • The Brave Monkey Pirate – by Hayes Roberts – The Pirate Modi uses his father’s ship to follow a map. Will what he finds help him brave a shot at the doctor’s office? or will he come up with a

    situation so he doesn’t have to go?

  • The Wiener Dog Magnet – by Hayes Roberts – Just what is it you can do with a wiener dog magnet? Kiki Marie is about to find out.
  • The Farm Animals – by Rolando Merino – An illustrated story of animal sounds. This is now a free complete online Click-a-Word Talking eBook!
  • Pirate’s Treasure – by Carol Moore – Illustrated by Aura Moser – A pirate in Jimmy’s dream tells him where to find buried treasure.
  • The Bitaba Bird – by Carol Moore – Illustrated by Michael S. Weber – A blending of imagination with a science lesson.
  • Wolstencroft The Bear – by Karen Lewis – Illustrated by Michael S. Weber.
  • Ollie’s Jar – by Carol Moore – An illustrated story with animation.
  • Round Bird Can’t Fly – by Lea McAndrews – An illustrated story.
  • Kitty Wants a Box – by Carol Moore – A short illustrated story.
  • The Counting Story – by Rolando Merino – An illustrated story with animation.
  • Alphabet – by Rolando Merino – An animated story of the alphabet.
  • Animals You Can See at the Zoo – by Rolando Merino – An illustrated story of zoo animals with sound and animation.
  • Buzzy Bee – by Carol Moore – A short illustrated story.
    See Buzzy Bee riddlesmaze and coloring book below.
  • Buzzy Bee and Friends – by Carol Moore – A short illustrated story.
    See Buzzy Bee riddlesmaze and coloring book below.
  • Buzzy Bee’s Night Out – by Carol Moore – Illustrated by Dan Wetzel – Buzzy Bee ventures into the night in search of tasty flowers.
  • Buzzy Bee’s Picnic – by Carol Moore – Illustrated by Dan Wetzel – Buzzy Bee can’t resist the delights of picnic food.

Books for Older Children:

Scholastic – Has early reader interactive storybooks, each with a game to follow up learning.

Wired For Books – Here children can have the Beatrix Potter books read to them in English or Japanese using Real Player. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland The Frog Prince are also available, along with three tales from The Brother’s Grimm – King Grizzly Beard, Tom Thumb and Queen Bee.  Some of the Just So stories, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and A Christmas Carol can also be heard here. 

Beatrix Potter Stories. These stories are beautifully illustrated with drawings from the paper books. These electronic books are a little small on the screen – showing the same amount of text as you would see in the paper version. Nevertheless, they will project well for a class to read.

  1. The Tale of Peter Rabbit
  2. Cecily Parsley’s Nursery Rhymes
  3. The Story of Miss Moppet
  4. The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse
  5. The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher
  6. The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan
  7. The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
  8. The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes
  9. The Tale of Two Bad Mice The books on this site are not great quality; but,  if you need the electronic text for a traditional nursery rhyme or fairy tale, then you can find it here. The site contains four sections:

Children’s Traditional Fairy Tales

  1. Puss in Boots
  2. The Story of Cinderella
  3. The Princess and the Pea
  4. Snow White and the Red Rose
  5. The Frog King
  6. The Lion and the Mouse
  7. Sleeping Beauty
  8. The Hare and the Tortoise
  9. Snow White
  10. The Ugly Duckling
  11. The Little Golden Bird
  12. The Little Pear Girl
  13. The Tongue Cut Sparrow
  14. The Wise Little Girl

Nursery Rhymes – The presentation is not great but they are nursery rhymes that could be projected if needed.

  1. Baa Baa Black Sheep
  2. Little Boy Blue
  3. Georgie Porgie
  4. Goosie, Goosie
  5. Hark, Hark
  6. Hickory Dickory
  7. Humpty Dumpty
  8. Jack
  9. Jolly Boys
  10. Little Jack Horner
  11. Mary, Mary
  12. The Man in the Moon
  13. Three Little Kittens
  14. To Market
  15. Peter, Peter
  16. Old Woman
  17. Rockabye Baby
  18. Simple Simon

Interactive Books –There is only one in this section – written by children

  1. Crystals and Unicorns

Holiday Stories

  1. The night Before Christmas
  2. Frosty the Snowman
  3. Jolly Old Santa Claus


MightyBook has hundreds of online stories and no advertising! However, this is a subscription service.

Starfall – Offers a wide range of stories, plays, comics, fables and myths.