Stop Cyberbullying Day – 16 June 2017

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Stop Cyberbullying DayThe Stop Cyberbullying Day is coming up on June the 16th.

Cyber bullying is when someone is humiliated and embarrassed through electronic and online means. Kids get cyber bullied by interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones. Cyber bullying is a big problem and over 50,000 kids EVERYDAY get cyber-bullied. Kids reported to start saying mean stuff to each other in 2nd Grade itself.

The Cybersmile Foundation started Stop Cyberbullying Day, which is an internationally recognized day of awareness and activities both on and offline, in 2012. There is a special website for the Stop Cyberbullying Day where you can get involved, become a partner, find resources, news and more.

Each year, Stop Cyberbullying Day brings together corporations, educational institutions, media outlets, nonprofit organizations, governments and public figures to speak out against cyberbullying and digital abuse of any kind and defend our human right to freedom of speech while adhering to the basic principle of mutual respect for others.” (

Schools can join and become an official Cybersmile School Partner. This give access to activities which run all through the school year, live broadcasts about Cyberbullying, content and various give-aways.

To become an Official School Partner please email

There are freely available  resources packs, and a video library along with news about the event.

The Golden Rules poster (see the small image below) is a very useful guide to deal with cyber bullying, it could be used to launch a class discussion. Also in the school pack there is a simple group activity clearly demonstrating the lasting damage that cyber bullying can do.

Stop Cyberbullying day

It will be interesting to watch this site develop as the day gets closer to see how schools can become more involved in the event.

Other Videos to help teaching and learning about Cyber Bullying:

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