St Patrick’s Day Games

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St Patrick's Day GamesSt Patrick’s day is coming up on March 17th and it is a great opportunity to set games as homework in preparation for some literacy work later in class. There are many games on the theme of St Patrick’s day and pupils can have great fun whilst learning. After the web links below, I have also provided some ideas on how you may use these games to improve literacy.

St Patrick’s Day Games
Ideas for improving speaking and listening after playing some of the games for homework over a weekend
  • In great detail explain what the objectives of the game are and how to achieve them.
  • Turn your back on your partner, who sits at the keyboard, and guide them to play your chosen game.
  • Hold a class debate – games are good / bad for learning.
Ideas for writing after playing a game for homework at the weekend
  • Write very careful instructions for someone who does not know how to play it.
  • Write a letter to a friend telling them all about the game.
  • Write a review for a games magazine, say clearly what is good, what is bed, how you would improve it, and if you recommend it, who for and why?
Collaborative Work Ideas
  • Make up your own ideal game, what would be the objective, the prizes, the characters, how would you play it, would you like it as an app or for the computer?
  • Carry out a class survey, each group choosing five games to work with, decide which is the favourite game and why. Make a poster or presentation to explain their findings to the rest of the class.
Further St Patrick’s Day Tips