Make St George’s Day special in your school!

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St. George’s Day is on April 23rd and is England’s national day. 

Most English folk are fairly relaxed about St. George’s day but there is a growing campaign to make this special day a much bigger event.

Children’s groups like Brownies, Beavers, Cubs are planning events and church parades all over the country to celebrate. There is even a campaign to make St. George’s Day a National bank holiday!

The rose is England’s National flower and many English people wear a red rose on April 23rd. Traditionally, people wore it  in a button hole at the top of their clothes near their shoulder and part of the campaign is to bring this back.

Below is a collection of web sites resources and ideas for assemblies which could be used on the day to raise awareness of St. George’s Day.

They include the famous story of St George, the patron Saint of England, and the dragon. This legend has strong links to Oxfordshire. Dragon Hill, near Uffington, is a low flat-topped mound situated in the valley below the famous White Horse. In legend it is the place where St George slew the dragon, its blood spilling on the hilltop and leaving forever a bare white patch where no grass can grow. Some suggest that the white horse is a representation of St George’s steed or even of the slain dragon itself.

Mysterious Britain – The legend of the Uffington White Horse and Dragon Hill

A proper primary school version, Woodlands  St George’s day

There is a clear account of St George for older pupils

St George’s Day Pictures and crafts ideas

A non-gruesome story of St George and the Dragon for younger pupils

The BBC Newsround quiz

An audio version of the St George and the Dragon story

Reading version of the St George and the Dragon Story

For older pupils or an extension activity this BBC Quiz will give pupils lots of research to carry out

A  fun trivia game it is quite difficult but well constructed, for year 5 and 6 and upwards.

This game is about Knights and crusades, it may be a good one for homework

The first St George’s Day Assembly

Another St George’s Day assembly

And finally another set of craft ideas, everything from armour to cupcakes!