Spring Festivals Around the World

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13919810553_587e297133_mIt is lovely to see what a few of the better known Spring festivals are all about and this can often be shown in pictures!

Doing a Google Search – with the free to use or share licence choice – will give you hundreds of images that you could use in school, but many travel companies have already got some images together which would also be great when used on a whiteboard. The following sites are collections of festivals, not focusing on just one.

Big Eyed Owl – gives us Festivals in Spring for younger pupils. This site covers Chinese New Year, Mardi-Gras or Shrove Tuesday, Carnival, Purim, Holi,  Mothering Sunday, Easter and the Cherry Blossom Festival; it gives the dates and short explanation of each festival.

Woodlands School – provides us with the yearly festivals of the British Isles, month by month and includes facts, customs and traditions of each month.

The Travel Channel – offers a beautiful twelve photograph slide show depicting various spring festivals which would be a fantastic starting point for discussion.

TCS World Travel – also offers four lovely photographs depicting Songkran Festival in Thailand, Holi in India, Cherry Blossom in Japan and Las Fallas in Spain, providing simple, straightforward information about each one.

Emlii – offers 22 Breath taking Festivals Around the World that you must see before you die! It provides another set of amazing photographs including  Carnival, Up Helly Aa Fire Festival –  January in Scotland, Chinese New Year,  Boryeong Mud Festival – South Korea, Holi – India, Burning Man – Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA, Harbin Ice and Snow Festival – Harbin, China, White Nights Festival – St. Petersburg, Russia and many more! These are not all Spring festivals but they present wonderful photographs!

Schools n’More – give us Celebrating Spring Festivals around the World but with reference to paid for specific children’s resources.

There are also lots listed as videos on You Tube – here are a couple of examples. It is worth searching for specific festivals.