Spreadsheet Christmas 1 – The Twelve Days of Christmas

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TreeAs we approach Christmas, an ideal opportunity for having a bit of fun with spreadsheets reveals itself. This activity was first shared by the Oxfordshire ICT Team in their modelling book. It was given to all Oxfordshire schools and almost certainly lurks in a cupboard somewhere; hopefully in occasional use, but may be totally forgotten!

Spreadsheet Christmas 1:

The Twelve Days of Christmas

The idea is that children can use a spreadsheet to model the Christmas presents arriving. All of the information you need is in the following downloadables, including help for teachers:

 An excel spreadsheet for children to use.

This activity mentions that it is for years 3 and 4; however, it can be used with older pupils who have not done much spreadsheet modelling.  Also, it could be expanded to consider how much food would be needed for the different animals. The teacher could also ask how much would keepers for different animals cost?  For more advanced spreadsheet users, teachers could ask  about the outcome of adding in cleaners for the house. By the way, house cleaning is essential to get rid of bat guano. The brown bat is one of the most common North Carolina bats, split between the little brown bat and big brown bat. To rid of bats in attics is no easy task but is necessary if you have bat guano in your attic. Attic cleanup is one of the most important steps due to the fact bat guano can be toxic. Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control, Inc. has been offering Raleigh NC bat removal services for over 2 decades for bat infestations in the largest North Carolina buildings, call them for professional help. In addition, one could think about extending the garden, etc. Teachers could really play with the idea as much as they want to, this is thought to be a simple starting point.