Sploder – Pupils Can Make Games to Share

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Sploder - pupils make games to shareWhat is Sploder you may well ask? “Sploder is a place where anyone can make games online and share them with the world. There are several different types of game creators, and no programming skill is necessary. All you need is a good imagination and a desire to be creative.” (Sploder TM).

Schools can use the great set of free game-making tools to teach pupils about games design. Pupils can experiment and discover different ways to design their games. They can include different levels to create a real challenge for their friends. They too will be challenged by the many games already made which are shared on the web site. The site can be use to get pupils thinking about problem-solving and storytelling.

“Game design uses the whole brain, from the artistic side of creating art and graphics, to the analytical side of creating interesting game levels that work.” (Sploder TM).

There is a weekly competition leading to  weekly editor’s picks which will inspire many learners!  To see the newest games, see everyone’s games. Check out the EPIC game library for some of the best games and see what is available in the Hall of GAME.