Citizenship Teaching Resources

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10 Downing Street - door numberBelow are a few recommended links which may be useful when teaching Citizenship, Digital Citizenship or PSHE.

10 Downing Street – The official site of the UK Government.

The changing of the guardBritish Monarchy -“This is the official web site of the British Monarchy. Written and managed by the Royal Household at Buckingham Palace, the site aims to provide authoritative information about the Monarchy and Royal Family, past and present.

The site provides information on the role of the Monarchy in modern society; biographies of members of the Royal Family; a history of kings and queens through the ages; information on Royal residences and art collections; and coverage of recent Royal engagements.”

Time for citizenship – Children from around the Country explain what qualities they think make a good citizen. Can you think of any more  to add to their already quite amazing list? You will also find a long list of web links for teachers on the right hand side of this page.

Global Dimension – “This website aims to support school teachers in bringing a global dimension to their teaching by providing access to teaching resources, case studies and background information. By ‘global dimension’, we mean (very broadly) ‘exploring the world’s interconnections’. With a global dimension to their education, learners have a chance to engage with complex global issues and explore the links between their own lives and people, places and issues throughout the world. Education plays a vital role in helping children and young people recognise their responsibilities as citizens of the global community. It equips them with the skills required to make informed decisions and take responsible actions.”

On the line  – “On the Line was a millennium project that explored and celebrated the lives of people who live along the zero degree meridian line – a line which passes through Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Algeria, Spain, France and the UK. A central aim of On the Line was education, inspiring the younger generation to learn about each other. For this reason, 5000 schools took part in various projects including school linking. Thanks to this initiative, 500 schools actually connected with their counterparts via letters, photos, videos and emails. On the Line addressed education in its widest sense, incorporating a wide variety of initiatives, focusing on issues such as global citizenship and sustainable development.”

The Eden Project – “The Eden Project does much more than offer a memorable day out in Cornwall. Eden is also a charity and social enterprise.  As well as creating stunning gardens and laying on fantastic arts and music events, much of our energy goes into:

  • running transformational social and environmental projects on our doorstep and around the world
  • creating unforgettable learning experiences for students
  • doing valuable research into plants and conservation
  • making sure we run our operations in the greenest possible way.

We aim to inspire people about their world, foster their talents and help them to connect with each other in new ways.”

20 Ideas for Teaching Citizenship to Children – “Citizenship means being a member of and supporting one’s community and country. A United States citizen has certain freedoms which are declared in the U.S. Bill of Rights. In addition to these privileges, a citizen has an obligation to be informed, law abiding, and uphold basic democratic principles such as tolerance and civic responsibility. Voting, conserving natural resources, and taking care of oneself are all part of citizenship. In addition, citizens often participate in local community projects dedicated to the common good.”


US Sites: ~ White House  ~ US Treasury ~ FBI ~  CIA ~  American Air Force ~ Government Agency Pages for Kids ~