SMS Generator teaching aid review

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SMS (makers of of Fakebook and many other useful classroom tools) has now released a free SMS Generator.

This handy little tool could be used in many ways in the classroom and is particularly suited to an iPod Touch or iPad display. The tools at the bottom of the generator are quick and easy to use.

Literacy, E-Safety and netiquette could be addressed by asking pupils to respond appropriately to teacher generated text messages. Other teaching ideas could include using the SMS Generator to inspire discussions in the following role play contexts:

  • Historical characters
  • Film characters
  • Book characters
  • Resolving arguments.
  • Debating topical issues.

Simple text discussions could be created by the teacher to teach about e-safety.  These could then be used as an example for students to think about when they’re working on the web or in chat rooms.:

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 15.41.04                            SMS Generator