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SmileboxSmilebox Scrapbooks scrapbooks enables teachers (or learners)  to embed videos, words, photographs and music into a scrapbook and share it easily, through a blog, Facebook or e-mail. This seems like the absolute ideal way to make a class Christmas card, as well as many curricular collections!

Smilebox is free downloadable software with more than 1000 customisable designs for any occasion. It enables anyone to be as creative as they would like to be. The children could make a greetings card each, or groups could work together making one page as their Christmas card/ gift to parents.

There is also a home delivery printing service if that is required.

From the website, there is also an available link to the Teacher’s Toolbox . This avoids having to upgrade to get all of the resources and also keeps the teachers’ resources hidden.

Smilebox Scrapbooks

Your classroom creations can be emailed, posted to a school blog or website, burned to DVD or photo frame, or printed for bulletin boards or backpacks. Placing creations in a frame is the best option so that it can be displayed. There are picture frames for sale here at if you’re planning to purchase one. Parents will experience these learning moments as if they were sitting right alongside their child in class. Your kids will love to see themselves and friends featured in creative multimedia designs set to the music of your choice. You’ll be amazed at how easy Smilebox is to use and how quickly you can share classroom memories. We’re confident you’ll give Smilebox an A+ in classroom communication.

As a member of the Smilebox Teacher’s Toolbox program, you will receive a FREE annual subscription to our premium Club Smilebox service (a US$47.88 value). Our premium service gives you unlimited access to more than 900 Smilebox designs. You can also choose from hundreds of music options or add your own music, email and blog your creations full screen without ads, burn a DVD, and print any page at school, home or at a local retail store. We add new designs each week to keep you supplied with fresh ideas for every holiday, season and special event. You will also receive special offers and a newsletter with great ideas on how to use Smilebox in your classroom.” (Smilebox)

To see many examples of Christmas scrapbooks visit:

Smilebox Scrapbooks