Be Smart, Safe and Kind Online

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Be smart safe and kind onlineHow to be smart safe and kind online is not always easy, choices have to be made!

To help with this, Azoomee  provide chatbots for customer service for children aged  between 5-11 with their award-winning internet safety series Search It Up.

They have just released a new episode (Episode 5). Each of the sessions also has a quiz, which will get children thinking and talking about the issues.

SESSION 1: What’s personal information? What can I share?

SESSION 2: How much is too much? When is the right time to be on a device?

SESSION 3: Bullying isn’t nice! What can I do about it?

SESSION 4: How long do things stay online? But what if I delete them? In this session a video called “I don’t want everyone to see my bum” talks about sharing a video that was fun for a few seconds as Jack’s shorts fell down when he shot a basketball, but would be very embarrassing if others saw it.

SESSION 5: What are computer viruses and how do they happen?

Be smart safe and kind online

Once children have watched the videos and had a discussion about the content they can go on to do the quiz. On successful completion they get a badge!

Be smart safe and kind online

More of these sessions “Be smart safe and kind online” will be added soon.

Azoomee for Tablets

iOS – available from the iStore

The description provided on these sites is reproduced below for your information:

A safe, fun & creative app made to inspire & empower kids. 100s of carefully curated tutorials, shows, games & more your kids will love, all in one secure app. The NSPCC is proudly supporting Azoomee.

100% FUN: Angry Birds or Iron Man fans? We’ve got plenty of TV series & games to tease their brain or just get them to laugh their heads off.

100% INSPIRING: what’s better than a fairy tale to get their imagination running? Our audiobooks and tutorial videos will help them develop while having fun creating snails in clay, drawing lemon starfish or creating a bionic hand with straws.

100% SAFE & APPROPRIATE: no videos with swear words, no in-appropriate content, no in-app purchase. Ever. Plus you can lock the app so your little ones won’t end up somewhere they shouldn’t.


Kids can:
– learn how to create great stuff thanks to our original tutorials
– stream their favourite shows & discover new ones they’ll love
– play exciting and engaging games
– draw with our Art Studio, packed with loads of fun stickers, paintbrushes, glitter & more
– communicate with family & friends thanks to our parent-approved, secure mailing app

All of this in one 100% ad-free & in-app purchase free app

We’ve done everything we could to give you peace of mind when your kids use Azoomee:
– All of the content on Azoomee is age-appropriate and selected by our in-house team of children’s media and education experts.
– The app is 100% ad-free and in-app purchase free.
– Azoomee Parent Area: accessible remotely on any device, the Parent Area allows you to create and edit child profiles, respond to messages and manage your account.
– Parent-approved, secure mailing app to communicate with family and friends. Parents have to approve any connections that their children make BEFORE any messages are sent.
– Works as a custom launcher to prevent your children from leaving Azoomee unless you input your PIN.

Highlights include Angry Birds, Iron Man, Power Rangers, The Little Prince, ClayKids, Gaming Show, Skunk Fu… and many, many more! (Shows may vary depending on date of access).

Azoomee is full of amazing games including infinite runner, puzzle, memory, word search, dance and even piñata bashing! With new games added all the time, your kid will always find something to have fun with.

We don’t think children should spend all their time looking at a screen, which is why we produced a series of tutorials (art, crafts, etc) to inspire kids to create real things in the real world.“(Azoomee)

Remember – be smart, safe and kind online!